Unexpected Advantages of Instagram on Your Business

You probably know by now that Instagram is a very powerful tool for making visual content for your company or any business, big or small. You have likely seen Instagram pictures on other platforms and might have set up your own IG account. 

With almost 300 million users, Instagram has brought attention due to the rising number of brands. The following are some of the unexpected advantages of Instagram on your business that you need to consider: 

  1. Connect with Clients

While most individuals think about their sites such as Twitter and Facebook when it comes to keeping in touch with people and engaging with clients online – you might be surprised to know that IG has a very active as well as engaged user base. As a matter of fact, one research study found that IG creates 120 times more engagement every follower compared to Twitter. 

With such a great engagement, IG is the best platform to stay in touch with clients, build relationships, and listen to their feedbacks through conversations you are able to create. In addition to that, you can also share a picture of new products and ask them what they think or provide them with a glance of your new project and then, see if they have some inputs about it. 

  1. Know the Interests of the People

You might not know it but your followers could already be sharing pictures and talking about your projects or products on Instagram. This is very possible especially if your company has a mortar location and a brick where clients can go visit regularly.  

Restaurants are a good example of this. Some people love sharing pictures of their favorite foods and drinks. Through IG, they can basically share a picture and let their friends know where they’re enjoying the dish by tagging the location. However, restaurants are not alone – people just love to share a variety of photos from lots of different places. And when they tag the location, their followers will know it, giving the clients the chance to advertise the business itself on your behalf. 

The best method to see if people share pictures at your place is to take a picture of your business and then tag your location. You will then notice a link above the picture which you can click to view all of the images which have been shared.  

  1. Fuel Your Other Business Channels

One of the best things about the content which you have created in IG is that it may easily be shared all over different marketing channels. In your IG settings, you can be able to share it to Twitter and Facebook so that your images will also share automatically if you post them to your IG. Even if you do not like to share your images on different social media networks immediately, you can save your picture to your phone’s memory and access them when you are ready to post them. The contents you share on IG can be used in your other marketing campaigns. By doing this, you can also use Engagermate review. Click the link to know more information about it.